Public School 76

About Us

Public School 76, Asa Philip Randolph School for the Humanities, is located in the South Central Harlem Section of Manhattan, New York. This Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade school serves a population of approximately 520 students from culturally diverse backgrounds. The community is home to many immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ghana, and Honduras. The School plays a vital role for many students and families.

Public School 76 has implemented a Common Core Standards based approach to planning curriculum across all content areas. We continue to focus on professional development and the Principle of Learning as a means of maximizing student achievement.

Public School 76 continues to make ongoing efforts to improve the quality of student performance. We will use a data driven approach to monitor the progress of our students. We will conduct informal and formal assessments that will continue to drive our instruction. These assessments include, but are not limited to, literacy portfolios, math portfolios, F & P running records, Accelerated Reading, and I-Ready.

At Public School 76, we are proud of the support we receive from our parents, community leaders, and community-based programs. We recognize that everyone must be committed to helping every student become a life-long learner.

Our Mission

It is our mission to produce achievers who are set on the path of life-long learning and enjoy the process. We are committed to providing all children with the skills necessary to become readers, writers, problem solvers and critical thinkers. Our school environment encourages self-respect and self-awareness from the collective effort and cooperation of our parents, teachers, staff, and community. We will prepare all children for life now with the expectation of being full participants in this century.

Our Vision

Our vision reflects our belief that whether students are identified as regular education students, special education students, English Language Learners or high/low achievers, they are all entitled to a “standards-based” education that will result in their being able to read, write, and problem solve problems analytically and critically. The materials and resources utilized in our instructional programs are developmentally instruction leadership with a vision that expresses an affective process of student learning.

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